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Corporate Education Management and Planning System (KEYPS) provides services for higher education institutions, specialized associations and non-governmental organizations that provide primary, high school, associate, undergraduate, specialized and graduate education.

The KEYPS brand is a software that is used in many educational institutions and enables the planning and implementation of educational programs. It also supports the process of developing and implementing the strategic plan that will support the training program, planning and managing educational resources, preparing for accreditation and writing the report. This process includes accreditation consultancy, training of trainers and publishing services on training curricula.

KEYPS Software is a unique system created by our company for the first time in Turkey in order to prepare an objectively observable curriculum for the students and members of formal education institutions and professional organizations, to provide training and to carry out the measurement and evaluation in a completely electronic environment, increasing the efficiency of the student and the trainer.

KEYPS Software is a completely domestic and national software.

Our Mission

To be a pioneering education network that enables people to freely design their careers by making the programs of all stakeholders who receive services from it and affect the education processes systematic and comparable.

Our Vision

To provide consultancy, training and software support to higher education institutions and professional organizations in order to bring the education of higher education institutions and professional organizations to the highest level of effectiveness in terms of environment, input, process and output, and to create a system that enables these institutions to meet national and international standards by improving the up-to-date and effective use of their curricula with an evidence-based education approach and to provide evidence for the collection of accreditation standards.

Kapitta Bilişim Anonim Şirketi

Kapitta Bilişim Anonim Şirketi is an organization that develops education and education-related software, prioritizes creative thinking and sees R&D as a way of survival. Our organization has carried out its activities in order to develop software to eliminate the gaps and problems seen in education and presented it to the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It provides services to primary, secondary, associate degree, undergraduate, specialization, and graduate education institutions, professional associations, and non-governmental organizations.

KEYPS is composed of an expert team that provides consultancy, education, software services, and expertise in the planning and implementation of organizational structures, the development and execution of strategic plans, the planning and execution of educational programs, the planning and management of educational resources, and accreditation.

  • It is a web-based software.
  • Accessible from all devices.
  • Works without the need for any licensed software.
  • Installation is done on the institution's own servers. A virtual server is sufficient.
  • Can be integrated with different software (student affairs, LDAP, etc.).

KEYPS can contribute to the curriculum development process by offering customized solutions tailored to the needs of institutions. It provides consultancy services in areas such as setting educational objectives, creating content, teaching methods, and assessment strategies.

KEYPS provides support in areas such as compliance with accreditation standards, preparation of necessary documents, management of assessment processes, and strategies for continuous improvement.

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